Wednesday, 25 December 2013


After many days I am posting this recipe. I was out of town so unable to post any recipe.But in Tour I have got very tasty and easy recipe from Chef Nikhil Rastogi’s programme that is “Pineapple delight”.Not only it is good at taste  but also looks awesome.It looks like cake, Isn’t it? But I have given my twist in this recipe, original recipe says to use maple syrup but I have used simple sugar syrup. Believe me any one can make this, It is made out of bread, pineapple, sugar syrup, whipped cream, cherry.So, here is the recipe-

Ingredients :-

Bread - 1 Packet

Butter - 250 gms

Pineapple -1(You can use canned Pineapple)

Full fat cream - 250 gms

Sugar syrup or maple syrup-  1/2 liter

Cherry for decoration

Method :-

Take bread pieces, Cut in roundels, Fry them in butter.

Cut roundels of pineapple.

Whip cream.

Now its time to assemble-----------

First take one piece of fried bread,

Now put Pineapple slices over the bread piece,

put whipped cream over pineapple,

Again put Pineapple slice over cream and lastly pineapple slice

now pour sugar syrup or maple syrup over the assembled dish

Decorate with cherry and little milk.               


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