Monday, 27 January 2014


Veg parcel is steamed and healthy recipe , Easy to cook.  I like the dish because of its buttery smell. I have made four parcels from below ingredients, Its upto you which veggies you want to select and the proportion too.

Ingredients :-

Broccoli chopped – 1 cup

Tomatoes chopped-1/2 cup

Cauliflower chopped – 1 cup

Onions chopped – ½ cup

Potatoes chopped – 2 cups

Green chillies chopped -2-3

Coriander leaves chopped – ½ cup

Green peas – ½ cup

Beans – ½ cup

Butter – 100 g

Salt – as per taste

Black pepper powder – 2 tsp

Method :-

Tear Aluminium foil into large squares.

Put chopped potatoes, onions, cauliflower, Tomatoes, green chillies, peas, Beans, Broccoli, Salt, Butter, Black pepper powder, Coriander leaves.

Fold the foil loosely to make air pocket but Seal the edges very carefully that steam should not escape.

 Heat the pan, put the Parcels on it and Cook for 15 mints.

Open the foil very carefully, some moisture will be there.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


When I was in tour I have learnt this recipe from a Maharashtrian girl, I have done what she has said. The final outcome was good. Patal bhaji is very tasty and easy to make. Crispiness of peanuts and Bengal gram dal is unique. You can enjoy with rice or Bhakri. Spinach leaves are green vibrant in color. They are good source of calcium.

Ingredients :-

Spinach :- 2 bunches

Ginger (grated) :- 2 tsp

Peanuts :-1 tbsp

Bengal gram pulse (chana dal) :- 1 tbsp

Coconut (grated) :-1 tbsp

Green chillies :-2-3 chopped

Mustard seeds :- 1tsp

Garlic (chopped) :- 2 tsp

Tomatoes (chopped) :- 2-3

Salt :-  as per taste

Turmeric :-1/2 tsp

Oil :- 1tbsp

Asafetida(hing) :- ½ tsp


Wash and cut spinach leaves.

Soak Bengal gram dal and Peanuts for half an hour.

Boil spinach leaves, Peanuts, Bengal gram dal, coconut grated, salt, little turmeric, Tomatoes chopped.

In another pan heat oil for tempering(tadka). Add Asafetida, Mustard seeds and chopped Garlic.

Now, add this tempering mix to boiled spinach mixture.

”Patal bhaji” is ready

Monday, 20 January 2014


I have seen this biscuit's recipe on T.V., I have made this recipe with little twist but they were equally good. One thing I want to clear that when I have tasted them warm, I liked the taste.

  Ingredients :-

 Cold Butter – 150 g

All purpose flour – 150 g

Black pepper – 2 tsp

Cheese grated – 150 g

Green chillies – Finely sliced

 Method :- 

Make a dough with cold butter, flour, pepper, cheese like dough, put this dough in fridge for half an hour.

Preheat the oven to 180C.

Take out the dough from the fridge; roll out the dough to about ½ cm thickness.Cut the rolled dough to the size as you wish, I have cut here in squares and pressed little sliced chilli in between some of the square biscuits.

Put them in greased baking tray,Bake biscuits for 10 mints or till they become golden brown.Carefully lift the biscuits off the tray and place on a rack to cool.

Friday, 17 January 2014


“Gulab jamun” -  a very tasty Indian dessert, In northern India people say “Gulabjamun” and in Eastern India, like bengal people say “Pantua” or kalojam etc., I think most of the people who tasted it once became fan of it, like me. The day when I made this, I was eager to eat “Gulabjamun” but because sweet shops are far from our house, I felt very lazy to go and buy Gulabjamuns. So, I decided to make some in our house. I had seen some bread pieces in freezer, I had arranged all the ingredients and made this, because I had added coco powder in it, it was tastier and looked exactly like “Gulabjamun”.

 Ingredients :-

Bread – 1 whole Packet(10-12 pieces)

All purpose flour - 2 tbsp

Milk – ½ liter

Coco powder - 100 grams

Sugar - 400 grams

Water - ½ liter

Baking powder - 1 tsp

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Coconut crumbs - For garnishing 

Method :-

For syrup - heat a pan, make thick syrup with sugar,water and cardamom powder. keep aside.

 For Jamuns - Take bread pieces, soak in milk, now mash bread pieces, Add all purpose flour, baking powder, coco powder, Mix well, Now make balls from it, fry in hot oil, dip in sugar syrup, let the balls soak the syrup. At last roll in coconut crumbs.

Thursday, 9 January 2014



I hope everybody is fine, How you people enjoyed “New year 2014”? Bindas ! with boom!!! I knew it. We have enjoyed too. Whole city of Guwahati (Assam) was energetic. I have made Balushahi and some snacks in this new year. Today I am going to post Balushahi’s recipe. Balushahi is a kind of flaky pastry. It is a North Indian sweet. Balushahi’s inner part is like melting moment, It just melts in mouth. It is made up of all purpose flour,curd,sugar etc..

Ingredients :-

All purpose flour – 2 cups

Baking powder – 1 tsp

Curd – ½ cup

Vegetable oil – 2 cups

Sugar- 2 cups

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Method :-

At first make syrup of one thread consistency, boil 2 cups of sugar in 1½ cups water and cardamom powder.Keep aside

Sift flour with baking powder. Add ½ cup oil ,mix well.

Now add curd, knead into soft dough. Remember:- Do not knead too much.

Let the dough rest for some time.

Make balls from the dough with dent in center, balls have cracks all around.

Now fry all the balls in medium heat till golden brown.

Now dip Balushahi’s in sugar syrup. After some minutes take out from sugar syrup.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013


After many days I am posting this recipe. I was out of town so unable to post any recipe.But in Tour I have got very tasty and easy recipe from Chef Nikhil Rastogi’s programme that is “Pineapple delight”.Not only it is good at taste  but also looks awesome.It looks like cake, Isn’t it? But I have given my twist in this recipe, original recipe says to use maple syrup but I have used simple sugar syrup. Believe me any one can make this, It is made out of bread, pineapple, sugar syrup, whipped cream, cherry.So, here is the recipe-

Ingredients :-

Bread - 1 Packet

Butter - 250 gms

Pineapple -1(You can use canned Pineapple)

Full fat cream - 250 gms

Sugar syrup or maple syrup-  1/2 liter

Cherry for decoration

Method :-

Take bread pieces, Cut in roundels, Fry them in butter.

Cut roundels of pineapple.

Whip cream.

Now its time to assemble-----------

First take one piece of fried bread,

Now put Pineapple slices over the bread piece,

put whipped cream over pineapple,

Again put Pineapple slice over cream and lastly pineapple slice

now pour sugar syrup or maple syrup over the assembled dish

Decorate with cherry and little milk.               

Monday, 4 November 2013


Its that time of the year again. The Diwali festive season has come. And that means lighting, Clay lamps, Candels, Gifts , Crackers and  lots of sweets. All around the city of India you will see - last minute shoppers. Yes. the festive season is on and India celebrates Diwali. Its  another name is Deepawali it means row of lights.
All Indian people decorate their houses with lights, flowers, candles, I am very much excited about this Diwali.  We in our house celebrates Diwali with bang, In our house we offer prayer to maa Laxmi called “Dipannita lokkhi”, put fast in this day, not only that we offer  bhog  to goddess laxmi and I wait for this festival, but because I have lost my mother ,Father two years ago, I couldn’t celebrated past two years, This year again we have started to celebrate that means we have bought candles, firecrackers, lights ,Sweets etc. but one thing I have made that is malpua. I had learnt this recipe from my belated mother.
Malpua is a kind of pancake served as a dessert or snack, Some people offer malpua to god like me. Any one can make this malpua even school going childrens , Bachelors etc., very easy and tasty recipe
I am giving details recipe below……..


All purpose flour- 500 gms
Sugar-1 kg
Water-1/2 liter
Milk-1 liter
Fennel seeds- 1 tbsp
Whole Black pepper- 1 tbsp
Ghee- 500 gms
Poppy seeds- for garnishing


Make thick sugar syrup by boiling sugar and water, keep aside.

Make a batter of pouring consistency with  flour, milk, fennel seeds and black pepper

Heat ghee in a deep frying pan

Now pour a little batter to form a pancake or malpua

When both sides are properly done take out from the ghee and put directly in sugar syrup

After 2-3 minutes, take out from sugar syrup

Sprinkle poppy seeds over the malpuas

Ready to eat

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