Friday, 17 January 2014


“Gulab jamun” -  a very tasty Indian dessert, In northern India people say “Gulabjamun” and in Eastern India, like bengal people say “Pantua” or kalojam etc., I think most of the people who tasted it once became fan of it, like me. The day when I made this, I was eager to eat “Gulabjamun” but because sweet shops are far from our house, I felt very lazy to go and buy Gulabjamuns. So, I decided to make some in our house. I had seen some bread pieces in freezer, I had arranged all the ingredients and made this, because I had added coco powder in it, it was tastier and looked exactly like “Gulabjamun”.

 Ingredients :-

Bread – 1 whole Packet(10-12 pieces)

All purpose flour - 2 tbsp

Milk – ½ liter

Coco powder - 100 grams

Sugar - 400 grams

Water - ½ liter

Baking powder - 1 tsp

Cardamom powder – 1 tsp

Coconut crumbs - For garnishing 

Method :-

For syrup - heat a pan, make thick syrup with sugar,water and cardamom powder. keep aside.

 For Jamuns - Take bread pieces, soak in milk, now mash bread pieces, Add all purpose flour, baking powder, coco powder, Mix well, Now make balls from it, fry in hot oil, dip in sugar syrup, let the balls soak the syrup. At last roll in coconut crumbs.


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