Saturday, 25 January 2014


When I was in tour I have learnt this recipe from a Maharashtrian girl, I have done what she has said. The final outcome was good. Patal bhaji is very tasty and easy to make. Crispiness of peanuts and Bengal gram dal is unique. You can enjoy with rice or Bhakri. Spinach leaves are green vibrant in color. They are good source of calcium.

Ingredients :-

Spinach :- 2 bunches

Ginger (grated) :- 2 tsp

Peanuts :-1 tbsp

Bengal gram pulse (chana dal) :- 1 tbsp

Coconut (grated) :-1 tbsp

Green chillies :-2-3 chopped

Mustard seeds :- 1tsp

Garlic (chopped) :- 2 tsp

Tomatoes (chopped) :- 2-3

Salt :-  as per taste

Turmeric :-1/2 tsp

Oil :- 1tbsp

Asafetida(hing) :- ½ tsp


Wash and cut spinach leaves.

Soak Bengal gram dal and Peanuts for half an hour.

Boil spinach leaves, Peanuts, Bengal gram dal, coconut grated, salt, little turmeric, Tomatoes chopped.

In another pan heat oil for tempering(tadka). Add Asafetida, Mustard seeds and chopped Garlic.

Now, add this tempering mix to boiled spinach mixture.

”Patal bhaji” is ready


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