Saturday, 14 September 2013


When we were in Chhattisgarh(India) , we found carrots were of red-pinkish color but here in Guwahati(India)carrots are of orange color but taste is almost  same, so, don't bother for colors. Carrots are good source of vitamin A, good for the eyes.
This is an Indian dish, not only it looks good but it tastes good too, very easy to make. People makes this dessert in different ceremonies like marriage, B'day parties etc. It is a famous dish of North India.


Carrot(grated)-250 gms
Condensed milk-500 gms
Ghee(clarified butter)-50 gms
Poppy seeds- for garnishing
Cashew nuts - for garnishing


Heat ghee, add grated carrot

Stir fry for few minutes

Add condensed milk,stir continuously till the mixture leaves the side of the pan

Remove from the fire

Grease a plate,pour the mixture over it,now cut into square shape

sprinkle poppy seeds over the mixture,now cut it into diamond shapes

decorate it with cashewnuts



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