Saturday, 14 September 2013


Modak  is a kind of sweet dumpling, Basically it’s a  Maharashtrian(Indian) delicacy, but in Southern India it is also very popular, people  offer  modakas  to  god  mainly  in  Ganesh chaturthi.  There  are varieties of modak  like  “Ukadiche modak”,  “Rawa modak”, “banana nachni modak” , “chocolate modak”,   but “Ukadiche  modak” ( steamed modak ) is basic  one . I will try to post many varieties here, Modak is believed to be shri ganesh's favourite food.


Rice flour-250 gms
Coconut-200 gms
Jaggery-100 gms
Cardamom powder-1 tsp
Milk-50 gms
water for making the dough
salt-little for dough


 Make dough with rice flour. and warm water and salt.

 Now take the coconut & Jaggery in a heavy-bottomed pan for the stuffing.

 Add milk. Keep on low flame with stirring. The mixture should be fairly dry and turn a shade darker.

 Now make balls with the dough. Flatten them on the palm or on a surface into a circle.

 Place the stuffing in it and cover it completely with the dough.

 Fold the edges tapering to the centre.

 Now steam-cook the modaks in a cooker for 15 minutes until done.


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