Saturday, 14 September 2013


Guava is a fruit everybody knows. In hindi people  say “Amrood”, it has different species, It consists lots of nutritional values like dietary fiber, carbohydrates, energy, fat etc., My mom  had  taught me to make  Jelly and Jam ,She is no more but my first teacher was my mom. I am giving tribute to my mom by posting this recipe in blog, not only that when I was kid I hold the strainer while making the jelly and watched mom how she was making Jam and jellies. I have tried to make jelly  like my mom.


Guava-2 kgs(riped and raw)
Sugar-750 gms
Water- 2 lts
Lime juice-4 tbsp


Boil guavas until mushy

Strain the juice ,mix the sugar, boil this mixture in big container with  water

After 45-50 mints the mixture becomes thick , add lemon juice

When the jelly become thick and red ,take out  from flame

Set the mixture over cold water


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